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MH Automatyka

Mission and values

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Our company is closely monitoring the market and reacts quickly to the changes. This allows us to provide extensive customer support services and to make sure that all technical solutions fit their needs perfectly. We specialize in electrical and industrial automation branches. In our work we focus on: 



We are making sure that customer services we provide and proposed solutions are of the highest quality possible. We introduced the quality management system of the customer service processes, implementing automation systems and management of the electric power confirmed by ISO 9001:2008 certificate. 


Perfection and simplicity

This are the qualities that guide us in our day to day work, aiming to create simple and in it very effective solutions – user friendly for our customers. 



This is strength of our company. It shows us new perspectives and allows to evolve. Cooperation with our business partners creates huge possibilities – together we create solutions that are best suited for our clients and met the demands of the market. We want to be better and better, this is why in our work we focus on partnership. Together we create a new quality.



Constant improvement

We aim to set new standards by using the newest technological solutions of our business partners, which allows us to provide for our clients innovative solutions and complex services. What is more in our work we make sure that we constantly improve our own competence and use it to provide higher and higher quality of our services.