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MH Automatyka

About us

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MH Automatykais present on the electrical and industrial automation markets since 1998. It became a limited liability company in April 2003.

It operates across the whole Poland.

Companies headquarter is located in Gdańsk at Harfowa Street, where one of the sales departments is situated as well as automation department created in 2004. Other sales departments are located in Warsaw and Wroclaw.

In 2006 the company expanded and created a department dedicated to ventilation and air conditioning.

The scope of companies operation is:

  • Delivery compilation of electrical equipment
  • Monitoring and supervision systems
  • Intelligent switchgear
  • Delivery compilation in terms of automation and elements of equipment in switch cabinets
  • Design, installation and launch of the industrial automation systems
  • Installation of nn switchgears
  • Installation of Compact NS circuit breakers
  • Comfort air conditioners – sales and installation
  • Technical support and service.

We employ engineers and technicians with vast knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, automation, air conditioning and ventilation, which allows us to uphold very high technical support system for our clients.

Our business partners are companies like: Schneider ElectricEATON , Wieland ElectricSiemens, producer of electrical equipment Noark Electric and in air conditioning Fuji Electric.

Our co-operation with Schneider Electric Polska Sp. z o.o. resulted in certificates “Authorized Technical and Commercial Center” for departments in Gdansk and Warsaw as well as a certificate “Authorized Compact NS Center” for the department in Gdańsk and a partnership agreement “Industrial Automation System Integrator” 

We are also an authorized business partner of companies: Wieland ElectricEATON and Noark Electric.

In 2015, apart from the constant expansion of the sales network to provide the best quality customer service, the company again audited their services in accordance to Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2008. The ISO 9001:2008 certificated was renewed for the following years in December 2015. Since 2011 the company has AQAP 2110 certificate.

In 2016 we plan further development of the sales network and expansion of the operation in the field of design and making of automation systems. Due to the execution of contracts for the Polish Navy in previous years, the plans are to increase the activities of the company in that field. There are also plans to continue the assembly of automation cabinets as it was done in previous years.